The Show History


We Started in 2013


2013 was the first year for the “South Lyon Lightshow.” We started with 3 Light-O-Rama controllers with 48 Channels.

2014 was the 2nd Year we added a Spiral Mega Tree, Dumb Led lights trimming the house windows, and 4 Singing Trees.  This required 3 additional Light-O-Rama controllers and multiple LED controllers.  Click here - To see a video from 2014


2015 - The addition a CCR Ribbons

 2015 for the Christmas Light Show we have many new additions. Some of the additions include: A CCR (Cosmic Color Ribbon) Tree.   The CCR Tree has 1800 Smart (Programmable) LED lights and 250 Dumb LED’s in the star at the top. 3700 Smart LED lights are trimming the roof line. Click Here - To see a video from 2015


2016 - The addition of lights on the fences

2016 we added RGB Flood lights and CCR’s to the Fences.  If you watch the fences you notice the fence change colors and the CCR’s dance like the roof lines. 

Also, in 2016 the neighbors joined the show making the display even larger. Click Here - To see a video from 2016  

Recent Years


2017 - We went over 50,000 lights

Adding more lights to tree and dancing arches the 2017 show featured over 50,000 lights. Click Here - To view a video from 2017  


2018 - Addition of new CCR tree

In 2018, we added a new  small CCR Tree.  We also added a couple new song sequences.  "Christmas Where You Are" by Five for Fighting and "Christmas Shark" by Pinkfong.   Both of these song were entirely coded by us.  For most of December, 11 songs were featured nightly.  Click here - To view the "Christmas Shark" video from 2018

See you in December!